What actually happens in your therapy sessions?


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  • Donut


    To add some extra color here, I have seen many therapists throughout my life, but no one has ever helped. So many people talk about therapy changing their lives or doing something good for them, so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Most of the time we just talk about what happened the week before and it just ends in them telling me to practice mindfulness and grounding exercises. Is that all therapy is or have I only been connected with bad matches?

  • Tense_PaintSaul


    Maybe try a different kind of therapy? CBT is most common but there are many more out there.

  • Pfeiffer


    My sessions usually consist of a short summary of the previous week, maybe some venting. Then my therapist will pick out 1-2 things she saw as an issue or a trend and we will walk through things. Or I will bring a specific issue or topic that I want to work through

  • Kiiroitori


    Its important to see what your expectations are with your therapist and then ask them if they feel like the expectations you have are within their ability. I tend to gaslight myself by saying "well it's not going to fix things overnight, therapy isn't about getting better its about learning how to live comfortably" and what I've learned is that if you don't feel like you are learning or getting anything out of your sessions, it's time to have a candid conversation with the therapist and reassess those expectations

  • chaoticcalm



  • Leo_Yanofsky


    i rant about stuff that is going on in my life and show my therapist my adorable cat in the process

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