Hi there! I just found this app on Instagram, and since I’ve always had complicated health, I thought it might be good to try out!

acute lethargy


Anxiety (Including GAD)


Rejection sensitive

Malaise & Fatigue

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  • mysterygirl


    Welcome. We are here for you. I don't get notifications when comments are posted, so I check every couple of days, to keep up. So, if I don't get right back, it's b/c I forget to check the website, sometimes. You can always pm, me. I get notified when you do. This has been a good site and about time, too, for ppl like us. Us, who the world doesn't understand. We understand what it's like to be different. To be tired or anxious or hurt. Doctors can't always help us b/c they won't/can't figure out why we're sick. Most of us have symptoms but no diagnosis or underlying cause of our pain, fatigue or insomnia. This is a good site to vent your fears & feelings. Stay in touch💟

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