idk if it's alright to ask this here but screw it. Does anyone here like to play any games to get their mind off of how they're feeling? Maybe Brawl Stars? Runescape? Guardian Tales? COD mobile? .... anything? We could be depressed and distressed app buddies.

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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • Horror_Boi93


    I play Pokèmon Go every so often, if you'd like to add me!

  • lyashnx


    my go-to is Dead by Daylight which is also, coincidentally, a game that puts me in a bad mood too LMAO. Its so much fun with friends but GOD the community is toxic

  • VoodooHorizon


    I love minecraft and I've recently gotten into warframe!

    • lovevenusx


      i love minecraft!

  • boshi


    i really love stardew valley! great relaxing game for when i'm feeling anxious. i've also been really into powerwash simulator recently, it's very satisfying to me & helps with calming myself down in tense moments. and of course minecraft is a great one too!

  • Officialishness


    My go to is Minecraft PC but haven’t had people to play with in awhile Also love fallout but not really a multiplayer game 😂😂

  • Pluto0904


    I play some games to keep my mind off of thoughts and anxiety and the games I play are mobile phone games like Genshin Impact and pubg

  • squibibi


    classic runescape ftw 💪💪 I also really enjoy this mobile game, Clusterduck, bc I get super distracted from my problems trying to get all the different duck combos

  • mtngoat


    I've been playing lots of Skyrim lately

  • JingleP


    My brothers have an xbox 1 and we got this fps tiny Tina’s wonderland or something. I can’t aim with a controller at all but the games pretty cool and I like spending time with them 😂 I mainly like games for their aesthetic and I really want to play stray but don’t want to buy at full price so it may be a while. I played through cloud punk recently and it was right up my alley. Also I really recommend Sky: children of light on mobile or switch. It’s such a pretty exploration adventure game

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