just came back from the ER after having severe sciatica nerve pain for the past ten days. haven’t been able to stand or walk. they just sent me home with muscle relaxers. anyone else feel like their condition won’t be taken seriously until it’s too late?

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  • owch


    My observations tell me yes

  • Sheridanbrin


    Yes, I had the exact same thing happen to me. I’m 22, and am missing my L5 disc completely it’s extremely painful, but was denied cortisone shots and surgery. My insurance wants me to go to physical therapy, but there’s nothing there physically to fix??? I feel like they are just trying to save themselves a lawsuit if something goes wrong with a young woman. But I would really like to not be in pain all the time.

    • Merylegs_meg


      they use weakness as the trip it term into immediate intensive imaging- like MRI Otherwise the latest is go conservative until something worse happens- this is not how this condition was handled 20 yrs ago. The pain you are having I know is excruciating- I would recommend cbd ointment and muscle relaxants if they have written those for you

    • cheyw18


      Hi! I understand this frustration with insurance. I recently turned 21 and have had 3 spine surgeries on my L4-L5 disc. Before my last surgery (2021) my L5 disc completely deteriorated and I no longer had one. I needed a spinal fusion asap, because my sciatic nerve was very damaged in the process. My insurance wanted me to do traction therapy and other physical therapy exercises before considering surgery. I even did spinal injections, which resulted in spinal fluid leak. But my insurance finally came around after my surgeon sent a letter explaining how critical it was for me to have the surgery. My best suggestion is to find a Dr who will advocate for you, no matter what. It may take time and some trial and error to find one who is as supportive as the one I found. But insurance companies seem to get stuff done faster once a Dr is in their ears. Good luck :)

  • Gidgetmom


    Yes. I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck, my armpits, inside my elbows and behind my knees. They tell me nothing is wrong with me. I feel like I will probably be near death before anyone helps me, if they ever do. I don't trust Dr anylonger. My health has been deteriating for years. The past 8 years have gone down Hill.

  • Trix17


    Yes, it took them 3 weeks to take me serious and I ended up with cauda equina syndrome. If you can’t stand or walk, you should have an mri.

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