I've started meditation with guided breathing meditation. I can't seem to make it past 3 minutes in a 5 minute session. is this bad or normal or am I starting the wrong way? any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

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  • Nik10


    At first, I also couldn't practice meditation or breathing for more than a few minutes. I tried different applications and sessions until I found the one I like and enjoy practicing. Don't give up and open your mind to it, most people find some type of meditation that they like.

  • Maven


    Thank Soo much any suggestions? Cause I literally no nothing about it. Lol

  • tara


    Meditation is hard to explain, it can be as simple as sitting in a quite room and being mindful of your thoughts, let them enter state what they want and let this release with an exhale. Most of our thoughts serve no purpose to us so its good to hear them and let them go

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