Hi my name is Tom I’ve had Parkinson’s for 10 years now. Just began to have small tremors in my right hand when my L-dopa pills wear out after a certain time I begin to drool my mouth opens unctrollably. Get week I’m not able to chew my food. Tremor develops and become very slow moving. It’s terrible and many people in your family thinks it’s all in your head. Anxiety kicks in vision becomes blurry joints stiffens and at night you never get a good night sleep because you wake up too many times. No rest. In turn you tend to naps during the day. And it’s all in my head. They say I don’t need to stress even though I’m the calmest person in the world. That’s my story and my condition God bless you all❤️🙏😢

Parkinson’s Disease

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  • Brother


    Tom. I have had PD since 1992 and deal with similar problems but it seemed to have plateaued at the moment. At one point in my life around 1996 as I sat in meditation I heard the words “I can either give my life to God or give my life to Parkinson’s.” I did not want to give my life to Parkinson’s so I decided I would give my life to God. I find that meditation really helps but so does boxing. Look into both. Bless you. Brother

    • Ann_W


      Do you think the exercise and boxing has kept you going along with God. God’s in my life and I would love for him to heal me has anyone heard of anyone being healed are getting better

      • Brother


        Ann. Well one is not to the exclusion of the other. If you are a spiritual person you cannot separate your “self” into two different persons. You may think that is possible, but it’s not. Two activities found to be beneficial for Parkinson’s folks are stationary cycling and boxing. They help in balance and muscle control as does dancing. These three activities are “movements” and Parkinson’s is labeled a movement disorder, though it truly is more thank that. The boxing is also available on the internet - you can stream sessions on YouTube. God keeps you going. Period. A wonderful priest friend of mine told me “Brother, if God would forget you for one millisecond you would no longer exist.” Start with that, God, who is the Source of you, the one and only you. Now to the second part of your question - God can be and do anything. He already has - you are a miracle. Did God create Parkinson’s? I don’t know but I doubt it. From what I have read it seems to me that Parkinson’s is of human origin. Can God heal us or make us better? From my perspective experience the answer is yes. Have you asked God? And if so what did you ask? You can never know how the answer will manifest. It typically is not a yes or no that you will hear. Listen, yes, be aware of what you hear in your heart, but also God could easily answer by sending help through someone else, totally unexpected. It could be a drunken street person that might offend you at first impression, but that person might be Christ or an angel. This is much too long winded. Just know you are loved. Bless you. Brother.

  • slick



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