Help! Got a pretty bad anal fissure from using the bathroom, hurts and bleeds every-time I wipe.
What should I use to treat it? Besides a warm bath and witch hazel?

Anal Fissure

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  • Jaycee


    I had mine removed and feel much better. I would suggest getting a sitz bath that sits on your toilet and filling it with warm water...very cheap on Amazon. Also, a Dr can prescribe lidocaine gel and that stuff is amazing.

  • IbsQween


    Definitely do sitz baths for a while, drink alot of fluids and try a stool softener, laxative or some type of fiber supplements to help you keep going ! If this fails, please go to your doctor and explain your pain. Waiting will only cause things to get worse

  • Katevon


    I went to a Colon Rectal Surgeon and I ended up having stage 2 stage 3 cancer. It is not elective surgery. They need to be removed.

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