I have had back problems since 1999 when I was 25. I’ve had 4 back surgeries, two of them fusions. I’m facing a 5th surgery after I lose 30 pounds.

I’m on pain meds and muscle relaxers. My orthopedic surgeon and pain management doctor recommended a caudal injection.

Anyone with experience with a caudal injection? Pros/cons? Thank you!



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  • Mare1042


    I have not heard of that. I’ll look it up. I have had chronic back and neck pain most of my life but I could manage it with OTC drugs and I walked a lot and have a high pain tolerance. I also saw a chiropractor when we could afford it. But then I got hit with what was like a physical breakdown a little over ten years ago and I struggle with all kinds of pain from lots of different conditions including low back and SI joint, hips, sciatica, knees and feet. In fact most of my severe pain is from the waist down. I have fibromyalgia so I do have some upper body discomfort but it’s nothing in comparison. When I first got fibromyalgia though my upper body bothered me more but it doesn’t as much now. I don’t even bother with it. After menopause I stopped having migraines and neck pain. I still get some neck pain but I take a Flexeril at bedtime and it helps a lot. I took SI Joint injections (cortisol) and they helped. I was scheduled to get an ablation next. Then they’d do the next worst area and so on. But I had to stop for the time being. I’m thinking about starting back up now. But anyway, my sister has back pain and she also has an opioid addiction so she is under pain management care now. She had a morphine pump implanted in her abdomen. Then they used fentanyl in it cuz the morphine wasn’t cutting it. After five years it got infected though and had to be removed. (Granted, I believe it’s addiction more than actual back pain. She’s unfortunately never been able to handle pain well at all - which is probably how she got addicted to begin with.) But she just had a stimulator implanted in her back and is just starting to heal from the surgery. She says it’s not working right but we’ll have to see. She talked to someone before having it done that also has it and he said it was a godsend for him. I’m hoping it works out and she can be weaned off some of the meds she does take cuz she’s still on way too much plus she’s learned to make a fuss about the pain in her neck or back and goes to the ER and gets a shot of something or other. She also takes everything she can that’s OTC. I think she’s always trying to get that “feeling” again. She’ll take Motrin and Tylenol and cold meds etc. and she’s killing herself slowly. But she quit smoking after 45 yrs and she smoked two to three packs a day. If she could do that I say she can kick some of the pain meds too! Anyway, I told you all that to ask if you had ever heard about the stimulator? She is in TN and goes to Nashville hospitals like Vanderbilt I think. I’m not sure if every area in the US does them. But it might be something to look into. Hope you can find some relief. Living in severe chronic pain sux! 🤗

  • Teardrops


    Hello. I had my L4-L5 and L5- S1 fused. As well as my left SI joint. I have neck pain, pinched neck in the neck and severe lower back pain. I get severe migraines too. I have not heard of that type of injection. I wish I could get something for the pain like Oxy or Morphine or anything as OTC don’t work. I have been on all Migraines or an extreme amount of them. Currently I have tendonitis in my thumb and wrist and a little higher on my left arm. It’s intense pain. I left work early on Saturday and went to the ER. Not much that was done. But I got two names of other orthopedists to try. I have one but not getting much help. I hope this injection works for you. I am needing to find some relief some how. I have so many doctors it’s crazy.

    • Mare1042


      how come you can’t get something for the pain. Please be careful taking OTC meds. I used to eat them from a teenager to 47 when I found out I had Barrett’s Disease (precancerous cells in esophagus) due to taking so much of them. When you do take them make sure to do so with some food and drink a lot of water to make sure they don’t sit in your esophagus. I started out on Tramadol no had to take something for the pain that wasn’t an NSAID. And Tylenol doesn’t touch that type of pain and it’s not good for you in excess either. I’ve been on Tramadol ever since. I started out on 50 mg 3x a day. After all these years I now take two 50mg tabs at once (so 100mg) twice a day. Once in the am and once in the evening. If I can get by in the evening on one I do that. Is that something you could ask to be put on? Later on after going to a pain management they put me on Gabapentin 300mg 3x a day. I only take it two times usually. And I do take a Flexeril at bedtime and/or as needed. I have a script for two a day but I only take one at bedtime. Then if I need to I take one in the day but that’s seldom. Usually don’t need them til bedtime. I hate to hear you’re trying to manage your pain with OTCs and they don’t touch it. I used to take 3-4 Motrin or three Excedrin. Two never helped. But still didn’t help most days. Oh I also use Diclofenac gel and it works well. It’s a topical NSAID. It’s sold OTC and called Voltaren. I get mine by script cuz it’s $10-$20 a tube OTC. I only have to pay a $1 or so.

      • Teardrops


        I don’t know why I can’t get much strong pain medication than that diclofenac gel, Meloxicam. Tramadol and Toradol don’t help the pain. I tried Cymbalta and Gabapentin but Gabapentin dried my eyes out and changed my vision. Cymbalta did work. I don’t take OTC much as I know they wouldn’t help the pain. So it’s heat or ice for now. I have a tens unit I could put on my back or neck. I have essential oils I could try if I knew what would help and how to Make it and if I had all the oils to make it. J get my meds T the pharmacy for free unless it needs prior authorization. But the doc then writes something up the pharmacy sends it in. And a few days later i usually have it. I have a excel spreadsheet of meds I have been on going back to about 1997. So I can go back and look at what I have been on. I have also tried pregabalin and not much luck there either.

  • Teardrops


    doTerra has one called Deep Blue. I have the lotion form of it. The only problem is it can make your hands hot if you don’t get the lotion washed off well, Some things are great but the smell can be overwhelming, and unpleasant. I have a lot of recipes and stuff for roller ball vials and for diffusing I saved on Pinterest Yes you want to message me that’s okay with me.

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