What are your biggest tips and tricks for getting through a panic attack?
So far I’ve found grounding myself outside or going for a walk works best for me but I’m looking for a few more ideas for different situations where I’m not able to leave and go for a walk.
Sometimes at work they can come on or in other scenarios where I’d just like to work through it and get through my day.

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  • MissWilwarin


    Music. Music always helps me. It’s a big part of my mental health.

  • uhnyeiss


    something that helps me if i’m in the bathroom or something, is closing my eyes for a moment and picturing warm sunlight running up from my toes to the top of my head while taking deep breathes through my nose and out through my mouth. if you have to stay in place though, something else that helps is if you have control of your breathing, picture breathing in a fresh and clean breath of air, and breathing out negative worries as a cloud of smoke. hope this helps!! ❤️

  • merb


    Breathing and realizing what is happening. When you calm down listen to music and relax. Maybe take a nap. (Panic attacks exhaust me so I nap afterwards if I can). Hope you feel better

  • Dawn200


    Music has always helped me during my attacks weather that means sining my heart out to my favorite songs in my room to playing the piano, or listening to music. Also taking a drive is a big help for me to breath and think during this time. Also taking a walk helps me too. Hope this helps

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