Where can I find good autism symptom checklists? I’m trying to find a wide variety so I can document my symptoms as well as possible before going to get assessed

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • sea_turtle


    There is no way to accurately assess for autism just through online tests. Autism is diagnosed based on reports from early childhood, extensive self-reports, and neuropsych tests. Similar disorders such as ADHD and learning disabilities will also be assessed and potentially ruled out. Prepare yourself for the possibility that you may have a different disorder. Don't think ahead about it and be honest.

    • SoFire97


      I’m not really looking for online tests. I’m looking for lists so I can see if there’s things I’m not thinking of. Fortunately my degrees are in psych so I know I don’t have a learning disorder or ADHD

  • Kaitlinb


    Embraceautism . Com is a great reference place. They've got check lists and experiences listed on the website

    • Stede


      seconding embrace autism!

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