i’m tired. i don’t want to be here anymore. i’m trying to hang on so i don’t leave my bf or my parents behind, but it gets harder & harder everyday. i feel like i have no purpose here. i have little to no value. people will be sad if i’m gone, but only for a month tops. life will continue on like i was never here to begin with. i’m just a worthless person. i wouldn’t be missed


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  • Lacuna


    I completely understand how you feel but trust me. You belong here and you aren’t worthless

  • Square_Soup


    I get what you're thinking, I've been there too. And trust me, you matter to more people in more ways than you think. There is always someone who cares, even if you feel alone. As someone who has lost a friend, you matter so much more than you think, and at least someone thinks you are a great person ❤️

  • Careabear


    You would be missed. This is just the disease talking. Stay strong. Talk to people. Call a crisis line. You are needed

  • savannah_rose


    everyone thinks they’re worthless and insignificant ,, thats just something everyone goes through at one point or another because of our societal standards. no one seems to take into account the butterfly effect- when someone does something like committing suicide they hardly consider the repercussions that go deeper than “oh ill be missed/wont be missed” life is so so so much deeper than that.

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