Ever since I was a child I can remember having chest pains, I would go to the hospital as a kid (age 10 or so) because I thought it was my heart. I would go through multiple heart imaging throughout my life and nothing would turn up, no diagnosis

I've had the treadmill, nuclear imaging, that echo gram thing. you name it I had it done.

2018 hurt my back and had to have radio frequency ablation and hand anxiety attack on the table. it was weird it came out of nowhere, I wasn't feeling any pain during the procedure because they numbed me pretty good. they don't put you asleep during the operation because they need you to talk to them Incase some how mess up and hit a nerve that could paralyze you? at least that is what was told to me.

during that anxiety attack I couldn't talk, nurse tried to ask me questions and more trying to me to respond but I couldn't for a brief moment. maybe I went into a state of shock some how? no clue but they only did the right side of my back and skipped on doing the left because of the event so I was to rescheduled but I didn't, that scared the crap out of me.

also 2018 is when I found out I had a Left Bundle Branch Block on my heart they didn't seem to be worried at the moment but have said there's a chance I could of been born with it, as this hospital didn't have any prior medical sheet on me because I'm in a different state and it had been years since I was at the hospital probably 1999? and I can't remember much then

2019 worn a heart monitor for 30 days had one episode and had a nuclear imaging test done as they wanted to rule out every because the treadmill I had doesn't show anything in particular.

I hated the nuclear medicine, it was rough until it worn off, but they didn't see anything bad just small scaring but they weren't concerned I think

FINDINGS: Fixed decreased activity is present at the anteroseptal wall. No additional perfusion abnormality. No regional wall motion abnormality is demonstrated, especially at the anteroseptal wall. Ejection fraction of 56%.

when they explained this sounded like scar tissue and wasn't of concern at the moment?

I've been tired and fatigued alot and not sure if any of that is fibromyalgia related. wife yells at me alot because I didn't have the strength to do more than 1 load of laundry because I laid down most of the day

acute lethargy

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Brain Fog

Malaise & Fatigue

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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