What do you guys do when you’re so deep in the mindset that you’re a failure and you’re not good for anything or at anything?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • DoubleStack


    I think about things I’ve accomplished. Reflect on journeys and trials I’ve gone through and made it through. I take inventory of my surroundings and thoughts and do my best to ground myself so I don’t let the anxiety sneak up if it hasn’t already. Try to keep yourself in the moment and remember you’ve made it through other things and as long as you continue to try, you won’t fail. My personal motto is “Always Forward”. There is no such thing as a failure who keeps trying. Remember, small steps are still steps.

  • Katharina


    Agreed with comment above. This happen to me a lot. Sometimes even a nightly rut of asking myself “what am I doing? You’re a ___” And you do have to remember the good you’ve put into this world and things you’ve done. And just keep trying. Nothing comes from Nothing. Even one minutes of ___ get you one minute closer than doing nothing or thinking your nothing.

  • CHale


    I agree with all of this. I try to talk to that one person that you trust and have a very deep connection with sometimes have a deep conversation with that person can help. And if that doesn’t work try cooking, maybe even draw or writing. Something to keep your mind off of what your thinking about. But everyone has different ways to help with this. I do hope things get better for you. I don’t know who you are but still I really do hope things get so much better

  • MatchaBunn


    It can be difficult to find yourself in this spot; I was just feeling this the other day. And my memory is pretty bad at switching from focusing on negative to positive. Definitely try to take it one moment at a time. Find something to do that you are good at. The smallest thing. And then reward yourself. Tell yourself what a good job you’ve done. You’re creating memories of what you can do when you do this. If you’re feeling up to it, offer to help someone. People love to feel helpful, and if it’s something you’re already good at doing, it’s a bonus to drive home that competence. You’re good at reaching out and explaining how you’re feeling! You’re doing it here! It’s okay to feel how you do, just try not to hold onto that feeling too much; let it pass and give yourself grace as you try to find your way. You can do this!

  • Jude_the_dude


    No hard feelings

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