I've been on fluoxetine for a while at 40mgs a day and had slight muscle spasms randomly (mostly my legs.) They bumped me up to 80mgs after I had my daughter for PPD and the spasms have gotten worse. Anyone else have this side effect and how did you help it?


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  • ijou


    for me, i had them for a bit but they stopped after ~5 days on the meds. personally it was adjustment, but you might want to consult your psych.

  • Y0g1


    Yes I only went up from 40 to 60 but mine ended up being serotonin syndrome- I have a little bit of leg movement every now and then but it isn’t nearly as bad as when I was on a higher dose.

  • puffeddragon


    Currently have this issue but does not bother me

  • Lady6ug


    I'm only on 20mgs. I have some dizzy spells and I sleep pretty deeply. I haven't noticed any abnormal muscle spasms but I actually have Tourette's so I litteraly wouldn't notice.

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