feeling really bad about going nonverbal a lot lately. just having a rough time making any thoughts into words and it feels like so much pressure to find the right thing to say so i just can't say anything. also wishing i could find a better way to communicate to my partner and family that it's not their fault when this happens and that i'm not upset at them oof

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • alienby


    I’m sorry to hear that. Verbal communication can be really tough. Maybe think about some other ways it might be easier to communicate certain things? Maybe some things are better said via writing, text, even artwork if you’re creative! And sometimes a hug can do a lot more than words can. Try to be patient with yourself :) (P.S. is your username a FF7 reference? If so that’s pretty rad! 😊)

    • makopoison


      ty for the kind words! also yes it is a ff7 ref hehe

  • TayTayLove


    Sometimes I can use a list to communicate better I write a list and then even if i cc find words I can show my list

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