I'm so tired of being tired. energy drinks and caffeine pills only help if I don't overwork myself. if I do overwork myself then there is hell to pay. has anyone found anything useful or helpful?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • Lady_RJM


    Nope, and the pills and drinks maybe doing more harm than good.

  • shadowfax


    Without those I literally sleep all day everyday

  • Sarah88


    I wish I had the answers but unfortunately I'm in the same boat as you. There doesn't seem to be any good treatments for fatigue.

  • scuppersant


    This might not be applicable to your situation, but I recently started doing at home trigger point massages and they’ve been massively helpful for my CFS and most of my other pains/symptoms. if you haven’t looked into trigger points before they may be the key for you too! (You can look through the trigger point therapy workbook by Clair Davies free online - Most doctors never mention trigger points or tell you how to deal with the widespread and seemingly unrelated fatigue/pain that builds up from muscle pain, but just pressing on certain places can make you feel so much better if you’re dealing with a similar situation!

  • Therapy.Kat


    My docs are considering an ADHD stimulant to help with my CFS if I pass a cardiologist work up. There’s some initial research that looks decent on ADHD stimulants for CFS symptoms.

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