anyone struggling with coping with a family member that has mental health issues but won't get care? it effects me in so many ways and puts your mental health at risk?

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  • Innocence


    I am so sorry that you're going through that I'm not you I do not know how you feel but yes I can relate. It got so bad that I had to get a restraining order against my own brother I felt terrible but he seriously has things wrong with him I mean we're talking here's voices physical acts of violence not towards me thank you God however we try to get help he just doesn't want it he won't get it I think he likes himself this way maybe that's how you're family member is

  • dolphinblues


    ✋ I do. My daughter, who lives with me and my son, who lives in another state. They both have very different issues. My daughter is very sefish and vain, nothing matters but her own wants. She can be very bitchy and demeaning. My son has severe anger problems and severe depression. I seem to pick up (mimic) whatever mood they display. It definitely can send me down a destructive path (emotionally and mentally).

  • CelticCoffeeMom


    Yes. My dad. He struggles with psychosis, and refuses to go to the doctor about it. He believes it's the devil and all he has to do is pray over it. He's also a bit of a narcissist too. He isn't going to change his mind and at this point I feel I just want to let it go. I've tried enough.

  • Mitzie


    Thank you, it helps knowing I'm not alone. My 22 yr old son suffers from BPD, he won't get treatment (this is common in people with BPD) his life is chaos and at time suicidal and all I can do is be there, listen and often talk him down from the ledge. The doctors and treatment centers aren't any help because he's an adult and can refuse treatment. He has voluntarily checked himself in but they just discharge him because "they aren't babysitters" so once out he atoms his meds and therapy and....I'm so heart broken but now my meds need to be adjusted and my depression is severe and all I want is my son back! 😥

    • Innocence


      I have faith sending powerful good vibes to you & yours

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