Everything was going so well. I started writing again and everything. and now suddenly boom. I hit the writer's block wall. this is so discouraging


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  • Eggler


    It happens. You just gotta take a break and play around with ideas before things pick up again.

    • SoxyWoxy


      true. I'm just worried it will be another 5 month break again.

  • FairyPrincesss


    When that happens to me I force myself to sit down and write something. Anything. Even if it's not what I want to be writing. That or find something else creative to do. Once the creative juices get flowing sometimes it transfers over to the writing. Gl!! Writers block sucks.

  • melabeille


    Have you tried writing a true stream-of-conscious-thought for a little while?

  • Luzlight


    Put it away for a few days and so something completely different maybe that will help unblock you

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