i wish everyday i could give my diabetes back and get anything else

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • loralies


    I used to say I'd rather have some curable form of cancer :( That I'd rather have thyroid cancer instead. 10 years later I ended up with hashimoto...my bad.

  • janah


    im sorry to hear that but i definitely wish i had something curable

    • shortcake1985


      I understand too well!!everyday is a struggle

  • 1stMayflowers


    I have something else. I don't recommend it. I get it, though. It's a MORE than daily struggle, and it can feel overwhelming and horrible. And sometimes that struggle seems pointless.

  • Feefie


    Janah, it will get better 🙏 keep your chin up and your life goals in central focus 🙌

    • janah


      thank you i needed to hear that

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