my anxiety makes me afraid to see doctor and have a blood work. I afraid blood test will reveals I have cancer or major health problems

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  • NOLA_Musician


    I can almost guarantee you that what you have is Health Anxiety and nothing more. Take it from someone with experience! :) It’s important to get blood tests done regularly for preventative reasons. Do yourself a favor and get your tests done. Remember- in the worst-case scenario that your tests were to reveal something like cancer, getting tested regularly helps you catch it early, thereby making much much more treatable. If you don’t get tested at all, and there is something wrong with you, then you risk much worse prognosis by not having been tested. But trust me when I tell you, your anxiety is trying to fool you and stop you from your routine checkups. Do yourself a favor and get tested regularly.

  • FaithKay


    I agree... Everything starts in our minds I believe.Dont know why we often fear the worse. Sometimes I tell myself I will go to the doctor and then treat myself to a icecream or something so I have something positive to focus on. It helps me get through those appointments I don't care for. Nola is right if you put it off then your situation maybe alot more to worry about. We believe in you..💕

  • wise


    well if you do have something that serious, isn't it better to know about it rather than living with symptoms you could be treating or curing? I know it's tempting to fall into a "what you don't know can't hurt you" mindset but unfortunately that's not how bodies work. anything lurking in your blood work will be there whether you acknowledge it or not. You're probably perfectly fine as far as your bloods go, but you won't know unless you get it done. trust me, it's much better to know

  • Lyridia


    If the blood tests reveal anything, then you'll be able to start treatment! And if they say you're completely healthy, then you'd be able to stop worrying and know that nothing is wrong. There are no down sides to getting blood work! Afterward you'll have answers

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