i just discovered the reason why i liked the person i used to like is bc they reminded/remind me a lot abt my bsf. i feel so lost rn bc the last person i'd want to like in a non-platonic way would be one of bsfs bc i value them a lot (in a platonic way). what do i do to fix this?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • minka


    maybe look at your friendship with said bsf in a different way. maybe you have underlying feelings for them that you never noticed before. if you want to overcome a crush for someone though, be kind to yourself and be patient. getting to know someone better also helps me when i have a crush on someone because, often times we romanticize a vision of this person in our heads that isn’t exactly true and getting to know them will help to dismantle this belief system. take care of yourself 💕 💕

    • junitree


      ty for your input! i unfortunately can't have a crush on my bsf bc it would make things very complicated :(

  • Beehaw


    Often times the best romantic relationships come from strong friendships. Connection is the basis of all relationships and overlap isn't necessarily a bad thing. ❤️

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