i think i have been burnt out for a very long time. i have an awful memory and brain fog and stuff though, which makes it harder to even remember how i felt in the past, even a day back. but i think it is likely that i have been experiencing (autistic i think) burnout for a huge amount of time, maybe starting a bit after i started going to school everyday (meaning like elementary school). i don’t feel like i even fully understand autistic burnout. i definitely don’t understand how to try to get out of it, especially in the world we live in.

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  • DitsyDiabetic


    I feel your pain 💜 I’ve been burnt out forever myself. If anyone has any advice, share it with me too!

  • Rayyybies


    I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling for so long! I completely relate, how are we supposed to get out of burnout when there's seemingly endless tasks to do? I don't have the answers but I hope we can find some way forward

  • TheLonelyPhrawg


    i relate, it almost feels like we are in the same boat

  • serendi


    Absolutely 100% feel this. I can recognize it happening often looking back. I was always told it was depression, and the helpful things for that worsen autistic burnout, so I have no learning experiences for what helps—only what doesn’t. 😩 I’m trying to find ways to work through it and recover some, but I’m still searching for ‘em…

  • dandelion_flower


    I think figuring out what's causing the burn out first may help. Also therapy. It helps more than some people realize, even though you sometimes have to go through multiple therapists before you find the right one who can help you.

  • Bella.ella


    I completely understand and struggle with the same things. If you can figure out what makes you happy/ passion about and try incorporating that into your life. Or even just write down the things you hate/stress you out and figure out ways to combat that or something you can do that is the opposite.

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