What treatment did you choose to fight cll

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)


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  • Aurora137


    I'm not on anything now. Everything I tried makes me feel sick.

  • Arrowhead


    My husband eats 3 to 4 times a week. He eats small amounts Chicken Liver. Chicken liver is high in *vitamin A;📌so do not eat to much in a week. Consult Your Dr for advice. To help keep his iron up. Dark Chocolate he eats a little every day. Has iron also. As raisins. Or look for foods you can eat for the iron. Plus Dr orders iron pills. Yes my husband is on a pill now that has a lot of side effects. He has healthy organs but this pill can effect anyone in a bad way. Helps his CLL, BUT causes other problems. I hate this. Oh he has had Chemo had one real bad experience that landed him in hospital. At beginning. Just on this new pill now. No guy enters. He has CLL, his SLL part in remission as of now. You take care. Hope you find help in what you can take. ❤️

    • Arrowhead


      Read what you wrote. My husband is very similar to your husband. His SLL is in remission also. Still dealing withCLL. He also eats foods with iron in it. Chicken and beef liver. 2-3 x a week. Plus iron pills which is hard for body use. He is on a pill forgot name for rest of his life. At beginning first chemo had severe allergic reaction. Ended up hospital 10 days. Was a long journey still going on. Always ate good. Eats constantly. Dr says better so nutrients help cels that are good. Hope your husband is doing better.

  • Aurora137


    Thank you so much for the info. I eat maybe 2xs a daybut mostly just at dinner time. Then later on I eat fruit or cheese and crackers. I LOVE dark chocolate it's my favorite. Hope he will be ok.

    • Arrowhead


      I hope everything is going better for you. Hang in there. My husband loves cheese. His Dr told him not to go overboard. Cheese is known to be acidic. Cancer loves sugar. To many carbs is sugar to. Try to eat the best u can. Take care. **Please follow your Dr. Advice.

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