Does anyone happen to have Neck Tongue Syndrome? I know it’s super rare, but I have the exact symptoms of it and have been having debilitating neck pain and occipital headaches for almost a year now. When i turn my neck too quickly, i get an electric shock down my back, up my head, down my arms, and into my tongue that paralyzes it one one side for a little bit. I have always called it “whiplash” but that is definitely not what it is. I have EDS, so my ligaments are super stretchy and weak and i have read that that can contribute. I am just curious because I had never heard of Neck Tongue Syndrome until today and it is spot on with what I am dealing with.

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  • Kell


    I never heard of that one.

  • TTNY


    Hmmm never heard of it. But I have heard of occipital neuralgia

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