Recently diagnosed with mold toxicity/mold exposure sickness. About to begin treatment. Struggling to share and explain health the health issues with family and friends

Contact with and exposure to mold

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • DeeMX


    Can you show labs? Explain that people with a certain gene are susceptible to getting very sick from mold. If they are willing to read, there are plenty of articles explaining it. Maybe some educational YouTube videos?

  • Beth2384


    Thank you DeeMX! I’ve showed lab reports from the home mold inspection, lab work from my doctors. I had my two girls (6 and 4) tested for allergies as they were showing symptoms as well. (Both tested positive for mold allergies.) My husband and his family say “I’m just crazy” (lovely 🙄🙄) “there’s no mold” and also “there’s mold everywhere. It’s not a big deal. It’s all in your head” etc. My family is a bit more supportive but still don’t quite get how some symptoms are related to mold. I have celiac and lymes (and lots of other issues) mold exposure triggered some pretty severe autoimmune symptoms- lost A LOT of weight, anxiety, brain fog, nerve and joint pain etc Beyond allergy type symptoms, sneezing congestion etc, they don’t quite understand either. I’ve shared some articles too. I feel like they’re still skeptical.

  • DeeMX


    Will you be detoxing with a functional medicine doctor? Maybe make them watch the documentary “Moldy” on YouTube? There’s a lot of denial when it comes to the subject because we’ve been taught that it’s not a big deal since not everyone gets sick from it… well unfortunately the minority gets mistreated as a result. I have hope that it’s becoming more acknowledged in this generation. I’m in a group on fb for toxic mold that is helpful, if you search it on there it’s the one with the most people in it. We are all going through the same thing and it’s nice to be able to learn from others who have experienced this. Feel free to message me! I have lots of resources to share 🤗

  • Aeryll


    I’m going through treatment for mold exposure right now with a functional medicine doctor. I just switched to this doctor in November 2021 and they were the first person to ever suggest that I might have mold illness. I had labs done and tested positive for 2 different types of mold, borderline for a 3rd. I’m going to look up that documentary - thanks DeeMX!

  • Chet33


    Having chonic, disabling illnesses that people can't see with their eyes judginf you for over 15 years suck, so I get it. Some quickly change their tune when they see me have a non epileptic seizure. I learned some people won't judge because they don't understand. Some will judge and the more info or try to explain yourself the more info they have to make more judgements. Going through hell has taught me some things. You learn real quick who your real friends and family are. I am doing treatments myself currently. It was a bit rough at first. I was detoxing too fast. Interesting note i learned from my doctor. Mold puts your body in fight or flight mode which triggers and keeps on stuck in their ptsd.

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