i think i’m autistic but i haven’t been diagnosed yet. when i first brought it up to my psychiatrist about a year ago, she didn’t really listen to me and just dismissed my concerns. i feel like i have a lot of autistic traits that don’t really line up with any of my other conditions. help?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • pink_o_11


    Are you able to switch psychiatrists? It’s not good to have your concerns dismissed- I’ve experienced that during my ADHD diagnosis. Otherwise and especially if you’re not able to, do a lot of research into symptoms and get comfortable with the label. Write down what habits/actions/reactions you have that help to solidify being autistic to you. If you are comfortable, present that to the psych (if you are still seeing them).

  • tommyv


    thank you for the advice! i’m not going to switch because she’s usually a pretty good psychiatrist with the exception of that instance, but i’ll definitely be doing more research and doing all that, thanks so much

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