what medications have helped with the pain; because nothing helps much?!?
I can't seem to sleep at night, ant suggestions??
I am in bed 75% of my time due to weakness. My doctors are stumped on what can be done.They try to make me more comfortable, but with CRPS they say there's not much else they can do. Sucks for me. One good day 3 bad days in bed. Sometimes not always, but usually. ugh
I have learned that slow and steady is better for me so it has gotten easier in a sense. It took me several tears of almost jumping off a bridge, but I encouraged myself I was worth it. I am a good self motivator. I want a good life even at slow and steady. it's better then no and none.
TTYL Thanks for any advice or insight Bye 👋!!

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  • Kennedy_Nicole


    To be honest up until I was put on Vicodin every four-six hours for breakthrough pain and then two 12 hour oxycodone I couldn’t get out of bed with and I cried 24/7. Does it help? A little im bit crying all day everyday now and I can do little things but still am down more than I would like.😔 In my opinion my meds just make it more tolerable but for sure is not a fix from the herendous pain I deal with every minute of my days.

  • Kittycorn


    Sad thing is meds do little to nothing too..I quit taking the 39 pills 3 times a day down to six once a day and 3 at night..I stop so many useless meds..My brain and other organs thank me..My pain is about the same..I am in bed a lot too..I lose my balance and my legs give out..Recently, I lost about 60lbs from getting off all the meds and that really helped, but I still have trouble..I want to lose more weight hoping the weight will impact my abilities for walking, but probably not..My nerves are my problem not weight..Wishful thinking really..I am very positive most of the time, that's just me, but it is very depressing to be confined to bed almost daily..I still try to look at the alternative..I get to enjoy some pretty great moments though..It's the little things for me...I just keep hoping that maybe I will find something that works or a doctor that helps..Maybe someday. Good luck!! Big Soft Hugs!!💕❤️

  • thereadingturtle


    Have you tried using a mobility aid? Getting a wheelchair or even a cane might really help with the pain and give you a few more spoons.

  • Lois


    Look into an internal stimulater I went 20 years without pain meds up to now where the stimulater can’t reach an area unfortunately . Never give up hope

  • Lois


    My husband also just bought me a homeopathic medicine called nerve pain relief he ordered from Swansons vitamin online it has a signiture on the front of the bottle Dr Barbra Herdel maybe . I took it twice today so far and I am getting so relief so far . I’m hoping I can get some sleep tonight for a change

  • crps2ntos


    Has your doc suggested ketamine infusions?

  • MooieModer


    Often i feel like id take of running and leave my body behind, but that wont work. So, pain is just a part of life. I laugh at the question pain level on 1-10 scale. The days i can do duties its a 27 the days im bed ridden its a 42. What works best for me not the meds. For me they only put the pain on hold. Working on getting inflammation down that helps tremendously. Stiffness gentle movement. Relaxing stretches. Mind over Body, by Deepak Chopra Then working with a homeopath for remedies that address my body and mind. Do i have perfect days nope Will i Time will tell But im doing better than 8 months ago definitely better than the preceding 8 months to that

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