I’m eating normal now because I’m trying to recover but I hate my body so much it’s is a normal weight but that’s too fat and a I want to be underweight again and I get hungry again and I want food and I hate myself for it. Sometimes it gets so bad I want to k… myself. Help.

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  • mtngoat


    Hey there, recovery is such a tough journey! 🙌 I know how hard it is as well from experience, but I want you to know that you are strong and you can do hard things. Here if you ever need some support. ❤️

  • TwistyDaisy


    I was thinking of trying out the whole "muscle" side of things. More of the weight would be muscle instead of fat. A muscular 120 can look lean like a 100 pound girl it seems like, while eating enough calories to get the nutrition they need

  • MJ17


    I’m 5’8 and almost 140. My doctor says that’s my target weight but it feels horrible

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