Does anyone else have an introject that's like, not really an introject? He was just like "Ah, yeah I like this guy's vibe," and changed his name and general appearance to match the character.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    we do actually. we called him a partial fictive for a while but i don't really know

  • spoonz


    Yea, recently someone got very attached to the pink castle crasher and just decided it's them now - espenšŸŒæ

  • U.V.R


    Oh my god, yes. This literally describes one of my headmates really well. We had a headmate who didn't have a name, and was kinda just some brown haired guy, p basic looking, but one day he saw Damien from South Park and just adopted his look and name lol

    • crescentnebula


      Glad to know we aren't the only system with this!

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