not trying to be a total bummer but i wanna know if other bipolar ppl r overwhelmed w this. even when i’m okay i have this underlying feeling of like “i’m never gonna get better” and it really annoys me when ppl say “it’s okay it’s temporary pain isn’t permanent” like yea sure if ur not bipolar 💀 it’s pretty permanent when ur gonna b dealing w a disease for the rest of ur life. the only way i cope w that is to just push it to the back of my mind bc there’s nothing i can do, when i do think ab it i just think whats the point in trying?? im gonna deal w this same thing over and over and over. idk how to cope w it for much longer.

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  • Bri24


    I feel you, I'm bipolar and going thru the same thing. I dont really have any answers except to keep trying. All you can do is try to keep going in this life even if it seems pointless. Gotta keep on going

  • Jenny_Lee


    I feel for you. I struggle still but after talk therapy and research about the disease I'm able to cope easier. I learned so much from a little book that took me 20 years to take the time to find and read a book. It was like the book was written just for me. It's hard to deal with and I have had a positive experience with DBT therapy also. It's scary but worth it. I hope you find your strength and can work through the pain. I'm here to chat if you need it.

  • klazikel


    I've been living with bipolar my whole life, diagnosed 25 yrs. I've been pretty stable for about two years now (basically the pandemic). I've just recently noticed I'm having mood fluctuations and I'm making some bad choices. I've been here before and I'll make it through just like all the other times I have. That's my strength and my resilience to keep going to the next day. It's in you too. It's in all of us with BD. We are some of the strongest people out there because of the struggles we face on the daily. I've made it this long and I have a family and a life history that reflects that. All of my hospitalizations, med changes, huge life blow ups and moments of despair are just a part of that history. I also have an amazing daughter (who also has bipolar) a partner I've been with for 21 years, and a small business I'm trying not to run into the ground😅. I'm living with bipolar every day and I think you can too. Give yourself some time and some grace. We don't need to be perfect, just keep on trying your best each day. That all you can ask of yourself. I gotta say this quote because it's a reminder to be you... Be the bouncy ball. It doesn't matter how high you sore or how far you fall, it's how well you bounce.

  • KitKat1450


    Yes. I have bipolar, chronic pain, autoimmune disorder and the reality is none are going away or will be cured. So that is really frustrating when trying to vent and grieve the life you wanted for yourself and people don’t understand. But it can be manageable and managing can get easier and you can get better. What people don’t think about is how much effort and sacrifice it takes just to manage or attempt to. What helps me is thinking if I’m going to be miserable either way so might as well try to make it less so and and increase my chances of having a good day. It won’t always be bad and it won’t always be good. I use the good times to try and inspire and motivate myself, build better habits, while it’s easier and the bad to try to recharge for when I come out of it. For me doing so is less whip lash overall because it’s freaking exhausting living with shit the rest of your life and not really life if you don’t try. Best advice I tell myself is focus on what I can control.

  • Orangemarigold


    To be honest I feel the same way a lot and just try to take it day by day. For me the most helpful things are when I have a few people I can rely on as a solid support system and some things I like to do occasionally to have stuff to look forward to. Plus if you find meds that help but I’m still working on that.

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