Is my body's sensitivity to my stress normal? Like physical getting sick or sensory overload?

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  • IrishAnx


    My body does the same

    • sugarPetal


      how do you deal with it? I've been at a lose with how to deal with it for a while.

  • MusicaMosby


    Totally normal! Bodies react to stress. Maybe look at some over the counter medications or try to avoid foods that you're sensitive to in times of stress? 🤔

  • yellowbug


    Its completely normal! I often get angry due to sensory over load and even cry sometimes. And feeling sick is very constant for me. I often feel like I need to throw up, I have a hard time going to bed, and even get constant hot flashes.

  • kkin


    It is normal. During high school my anxiety would make me use the restroom alot my mom had to pick me up alot because of it. Also I would get a stuck in my throat feeling and I would spit up the food I had just ate.

  • Lillith12


    I get nauseated when I'm stress and worried to the point I refuse to eat, when I get anxious I tend to use the restroom a lot more. It's not often that I throw up but when I do it sucks and makes me feel like crap. There were two times where I have gotten really anxious where I have thrown up and I have only had a can of monster in my stomach.

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