This is my first post on here and I just wanted to create a PSA. If you have similar conditions as I do, specifically Anxiety, Depression, and even chronic pain (in my situation it's a torn muscle in my back room 2016), I just want to let you all know about Kratom. I've been fighting Depression and anxiety all my post-prubescent life, been on so many medications in those 15 or so years, none really worked, besides Xanax at 3mg a day which now is still not enough. However, after discovering Kratom, life is so much easier now and I honestly don't really need Xanax anymore but still take 1-2mg a day just for that extra boost. Kratom is made from ground up tree leaves from Thailand. It's not illegal, nor will it show up on any test. It can even help with opioid withdrawals as it chemically fill up the opioid receptors in the brain, which is why it's a life saver for my pain. My pain is so bad that I can't even sit in a chair for more than 30 minutes and I don't really want to go down the surgery route as it typically can lead to more and more surgeries and make it worse and worse.. nor do I take opioids cause they're too addictive for me.

Kratom is usually sold at headshops in powder or capsule form. I personally buy white or green maeng da kratom from the brand Remarkable Herbs, then mix it with it orange or Grapefruit juice, about 4g of powder a day every morning. For Your first time I'd suggest going with the more expensive capsule form at 1g each until you find what your dosage should be.. but start low. It's been a miracle for me ever since finding it and I haven't seen anyone else mention it that has similar issues to myself.

Even CBD or straight Marijuana doesn't help me whatsoever but if you're interested and have any questions then feel free to ask!

I hope this info helps you all tremendously and you'll actually give it a go.

Sorry for the novel, but thanks for reading!



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  • DapperMoth


    Be very VERY careful with Kratom. There's a reason it's illegal in multiple U.S. states. You can deal with some incredibly nasty side effects, as well as develop an addiction.

    • MartyCasey


      yes you can take too much and throw up, etc. That's why I'm saying take it slow and steady. And it's less addictive than coffee. But surely depends on the person. I have a highly addictive personality and I'm not addicted to it, but opioids on the other hand.. oof. That's why I refuse them.

  • Ellieandbooks


    Do you know if it shows up in pee tests specifically? 🤗 I have a pending job offer that includes a drug test

  • Whoopsiebee


    be VERY careful if you use grapefruit juice and also take any anxiety meds (or some other meds for that matter) because grapefruit can have very strong interactions with medications and can lead to dangerous amounts of it in your bloodstream.

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