Does anyone else get the feeling of being a "Token" person because of your disability(s)? Like that's the only reason NT/Able boddied people find you interesting/want to be friends with you? I've been getting this feeling quite lot and I'm not sure if I'm reading to far into it ot others have experieced the same feeling

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Veesgreengarden


    This is part of the reason I seek out friendship in ND/disabled folks. When I do make a "friend" with NT/Abled person they find me exhausting and overwhelming at best and like a child at worst. At least when I'm around other ND/Disabled folks they have similar issues and we can all relate and help each other out with understanding instead of pity or disgust which isn't something comes easy to NT/Abled in my experience.

  • feral.dyke


    yes! i’ve always found it so frustrating. almost like i’m entertainment or a pet. thankfully, the majority of my friends now are ND/disabled and those friendships are the strongest ones i’ve had in a really long time

    • Viynyl


      I'm glaf I'm not the only one who feels this way, that's why I've been searching for more ND/Disabled people to be friends with as well, I completely understand the being entertainment, as that's also how I tend to feel

  • minime273


    Tbh there was a dude I was "friends" with a few years ago at my first community college that I rlly think liked me, but partially because a) he was a chubby chaser, b) I think he saw my disorders as Manic Pixie Dream 'Girl' vibes, and c) Because I was actually willing to talk to him.

  • ClayBrooks


    Yeah it often makes me feel like my disability is my only good or interesting aspect people want to know about

  • fruitpunk


    I usually tend to gravitate towards other neurodivergent/disabled people (thank god). I do remember having a moment in high school where I realized that some of the people I knew saw me as mentally ill before anything else. It felt terrible.

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