I have moments which come at me suddenly where I freeze up and cannot seem to do anything productive or useful for hours, sometimes even the whole day...any tips/advice to help me do what needs to be done?


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  • Micahbob


    I haven't personally tried this yet myself, but would like to. A video I saw suggested getting an alarm clock and setting it somewhere far away from you, preferably near something you'd like to do. Set it the night before. When the alarm goes off it forces you to get up from bed to shut off the alarm. It suggested that in doing so it may get you to be active and start whatever activity you set the clock by. Would like to try this out myself and in theory sounds like it could work. As far as in the moment freezing up, I haven't found anything yet. I try to just keep telling myself that I've got a set time until I have to get up and be productive but this tends to not actually work out for me.

  • MakMcK


    Find someone to be accountable to for very small goals. Someone that knows you are struggling and who can be very understanding and patient. When I couldn’t get up, my husband would turn on lights and start the shower for me and pick me up. Once I was up I was better. Same when I am in that fog. I’ll sit around and he will hug me and talk to me until I feel good enough to talk back.

  • cardeg


    Wow! That is so me...I look at things and tell myself maybe tomorrow..I live alone, so no one else is affected..

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