Hi, I am new to this app, but unfortunately not to medical conditions. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis (GP) in 2015 but first had symptoms in 2002. It took 13 years to figure out what was going on and nothing has changed. I do have flares, but the struggle is the same as it was on day one, and then being diagnosed and now 22 years later. It's tiring and maddening. I am normally a very calm, grounded and optimistic person.. But man this just brings me down. Anyone else tired of playing Russian Roulette with their stomach?

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  • Denise50


    Yes, it’s so frustrating! 😥 and why can I eat cheese puffs but not an apple? Ugh!

    • JcEa8287


      - I ended up with 22 food allergies. I was so sick, and they sent me to an allergist.. Some of my allergies are gone - but some still remain or disappear and come back for a while. I found I am severely allergic to pesticides and fruits among many other things. The biggest struggle for advice - for me - is when people say you should eat healthier. Please - if it stays down - I am thankful. If I can keep a McDonald's cheeseburger down - it's going in my mouth 😂. But most the time, it just doesn't make sense, what works one meal and doesn't the other.

      • Denise50


        Yes, yes, so true!! I feel the same , I’d love to eat healthier but my belly tells me what it wants. All the crap in a bag and cheese puffs but guess what? It stays down 😂

      • Denise50


        Mmm, maybe I should do an allergy test that might help a lot

  • gastro_sleepy



  • 1stMayflowers


    Yes! I'm new, so really struggling to figure things out...my only appointment so far (since dx on 6/13) was to my PCP, an NP. Nice, but not terribly well informed onq GP. I seem to be able to eat at least a piece or two (haven't tried more) of my homemade beef jerky, made with a roast. But burger or thin sliced roast beef? Noooo!! And then I did something stupid on Monday, and ate two much, paired with a few things I am not supposed to have (WAY too much soda, because I was dying of thirst, plus fries), plus tried watermelon. It sent me off the deep end. I haven't had a meal since Monday night-- which I didn't keep, of course. It's now Friday afternoon. I feel weak, tired, and like a horrible mom to my 5yos.

  • happyandhealthy


    i totally relate to this!! i also was recently diagnosed with intestinal malrotation as well as an angulation in my duodenum. both of these were contributing to my gastroparesis and will be getting surgery to fix this. i was told time and time again that my pain was functional. sometimes, but not always, there is a mechanical reason behind the pain. if you haven’t been tested for intestinal malrotation, i would suggest it because many people go years with pain not knowing the cause. i hope everything works out for you!

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