I have to get 3 cavities filled tomorrow and it's driving my anxiety up a wall. it's not that I'm afraid of the dentist it's that the last time I was there they filled 5 cavities and seemed to make things hurt. my gums were bleeding and torn up for a few days. they weren't gentle and just obliterated my mouth. my teeth still hurt and nothing really help except pain meds.

(My depression and ADHD makes brushing my teeth hard and so I e been trying to get a hold of it now more then ever so don't judge too harshly about me having 8 cavity's. )

overall I'm just anxious for them to fill these ones and I wish they would just sedate me for this procedure.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • A_Goth_Moth


    Same here I’m dreading the idea of even making an appointment

  • Emrys.the.warrior


    I totally recommend mentioning your concerns to the doesnt before you start. Talk about the previous experience and how to make improvements. 🤍 good luck you got this

  • taconado


    Eek! I know the feeling. I had a couple cavities filled a while ago and they didn’t numb me for one of them in the front of my mouth. It was excruciating. They asked me if I wanted a numbing shot and I tried very hard to say “numb me” through the cotton in my mouth, but they thought i was saying “no”. It was the worst dental experience I’ve ever had. I’m a little nervous to get my only wisdom tooth out on Monday, but I’ve been trying really hard to set those nerves aside and remain present and mindful of what’s happening around me until then. Once you get to the appointment, it won’t hurt to mention to the dentist that you’re nervous and you would appreciate if they take a little extra care to check on how you’re doing throughout the procedure. Good luck!!

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