I have MS and with it I have severe clonus, to the point where my neuro brought up the possibility of tourettes. He told me my jerking is not common in MS, it's in every limb and in my neck. It's like when the doc checks for your reflexes and hits your knee with his little hammer, except way more severe and all over my body. Happens only during the evening and when outside stimuli trigger it (touching of my skin, stress, anger) I am curious now if it is more Tourettes like than MS. To clarify, I know 100 percent I have MS I'm just curious about the possibility of also having something else on top of it. Why are my clonus jerks different from MS clonus?



Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • Dr._Lance


    Most of my clonus is also during the evening. Have you tried muscle relaxants like baclofen?

  • imag


    I have it very bad also. I've found if I take magnesium it helps. But I also take a high dose of gabipentin.

  • vickien


    I cannot take gabapentin makes me very loopy and dizy. Maybe the medication you're on is making you shake sometimes anxiety meds cause that

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