Today I will not think of the person that broke my heart, when I do I will think of something else that makes me happy.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Cardiac Dysrhythmias

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  • Denotchka


    ❤️Thanks. I needed yhat myself ironically.

    • cakefan


      it's such a horrible feeling. I wake up in the morning and it's like I've forgot they're gone, there's a few seconds of calm and then I remember that they've left and my heart hurts so bad. Today I am focusing on making Christmas gifts. I hope you feel better soon, we both will eventually x

  • dandelion_flower


    Yes. Don't focus on such a hard topic that will make you sad. Focus on all the holidays coming up and what you can do for yourself and others for a better day, every day.

  • Gwen71


    I was in the same boat but I put my mind into things I love to do to make it a little easier 🙏

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