i pooped today and it was like a a short log. but it was weird becuase it looked like it had lines in it. not worms or anything becuase i did feel it to see what it was. it was just like a bunch of angle hair noodle lines in my poop. this is so TMI. but i have ibs and i’m not sure if it’s just a weird looking poop or if this is abnormal.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • binkyyy


    i think it may be normal with ibs all our poops r weird 🤣 as long as u dont have other symptoms with that or bleeding i think its ok

    • worriesomeworld


      🤗thanks for the reassurance 🙌

  • Liv_Moon


    Hey I get this too sometimes. I looked it up and I think they’re called fiber strings. Basically we’re not breaking down the fiber in our bodies well enough but I’m generalizing the explanation lol.

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