My anxiety and depression have gone on since about 2007. During that time it has increased and decreased. It’s not as bad now since I’ve backed away from a lot of the stressors. During all this time I’ve also been seeing a therapist (several different ones). Is there anything else that I could do to get my life back. It’s been so long I’ve kinda turned into a hermit.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Sugerbaby


    I understand I am in similar situation. I tend to stay in small crowds. Too many people seem to overwhelm me.

  • NOLA_Musician


    Hi Kebo. I can very much relate. Seeing a therapist is so great and one of the best things you can do for yourself, in my opinion. It’s important that you feel that you connect with your therapist to really make sure you’re getting the most out of it. There are so many out there, so don’t feel discouraged if you need to try a few before finding the right one. Aside from that, exercise and at least trying to eat right from time to time is really really important. Any kind of exercise, even easy and low-impact is better than none at all. I truly believe that even for people who hate exercising, there is SOME kind of exercise for them they can learn to enjoy. And as far as eating right - it’s really tough, especially when we live in a world where processed convenience food is virtually 10x more affordable that whole natural foods. But I feel like as long as you’re trying to eat healthy at least a couple to few days a week, you’re doing your brain and body good.

  • Revofinder


    I am 52 years old . First anxiety episode and depression went on when I was 19. At that point I had very identified what was the problem. Abusing father , family disintegrated, lack of basic needs and a grey future ahead. I struggle my self with this for 15 years , at some point I was loosing the battle, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep , and I was smoking a pack of cigarette a day. Obviously anxiety and depression were consuming me. Just before my daughter was born i was terrified, I had this mayor problem and was thought I was going to become my father just as soon as my daughter was born. I felt hopeless and the idea of stop existing came to my mind. That was even more terrifying. My daughters mother told me that I needed help , she helped me to find a psychiatrist and lucky me I found a good one . After a few days of físicas tests, he was able to give me a diagnosis . General anxiety disorder with agoraphobia, social disorder , panic disorder, and a material depression. He said to me . The medications I will give you will be helpful to cross the big ocean of therapy you will need to cross. But the medications are not going to be the remedy , medications along with therapy ( Cognitive behavioral therapy was that worked for me) is what will help you to get your life back. So that’s what I did and it worked . But , even when I did all those years in therapy and I take my medications, sometimes comes to me, from deep inside , that anxiety they tries to emerge and take over my life, sometimes she wins and I have a terrible day, but most font he time she fails. My therapist told me once: “You will never be 100 happy or able to said you are cured, this is something you have and you have to live with it . The secret to control it is to use the emotional tools you learn from therapy. And even after 30 years of dealing with this , I still , sometimes use my therapy tools the wrong way. So I keep learning about my self and about this condition that it can put you down in bed for ever if you let it. Best regards

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