how do i feel better when i know everyone is tired of me


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  • Tense_PaintSaul


    Try to be kind to yourself. Thinking people are sick of you is a symptom of depression.

  • jaydisen


    it's normal to think this way but understand that it's your own brain feeding you these negative thoughts. as the top commenter said, you need to be kind to yourself. you are doing your best and that's all that matters.

  • jorda


    I dont think anyone is tired of you. Perhaps they dont have answers for you or know how to help. They could also be going through stress or anxiety & just want to be left alone for a lil while. You can always try making new friends who'll listen to what you have to say & be there when they can, while still keeping your current friends too. If you care for a new friend to chat with, id be more than happy to listen & help if I can! Some people just aren't very great at expressing how special you are to them or how much you matter

  • CloudySea


    I have these exact thoughts everyday. How do you know my brain??? On a serious note, although I can’t really offer you any advise, I do think that acknowledging that I judge myself a lot more harshly than I judge others does help with coping (doesn’t mean it stops the negative thoughts though). And even if it does turn out to be true, that everyone is tired of us, that still makes two of us in the same boat. It’s nice to meet you fellow boat mate. 😆

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