I was diagnosed with anxiety and severe vitamin D deficiency, has anyone had vitamin deficiency too- I’m so curious if that’s what could be causing my anxiety. I did lower my intake of pot which I have smoked for 20 years never had a problem smoking till recently if I smoke a lot I get an attack but if I smoke like 2 hits I’m ok and feel better but only smoke once a day now. So confused if it’s withdraws or vitamin deficiency. It has been 2 months since I stopped alcohol, sugar, caffeine and Benadryl at night to sleep better. I truly hate to bother anyone but I’m wondering if anyone is on my same shoes.


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  • UCBree


    I can only speak to my experience. My D level was so low, it didn't even register to BE low. I think the low end was 20 and mine was 9. I supplement with 5,000 IU daily, unless it's summer and I'm outside. Being in the normal range didn't seem to affect my anxiety. That doesn't mean it won't affect you, though. If you were smoking a lot, you could be burning through B vitamins, and that could be making your anxiety worse.

    • DCar


      I truly appreciate your response and that makes perfect sense. I am going to get retested in two weeks since I have only been supplementing for 20 days with vitamin d. I hope to raise my B with my supplements too. God Bless and thanks

      • UCBree


        You're so welcome 🙏

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