I use self harm as a grounding technique for panic attacks. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but pain snaps me into the present when nothing else can. I think I’m addicted to it, not because I want to commit bye-bye, but I just want something as effective to get me out of an episode. Any ideas?

Self-inflicted injury

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  • Btasha21


    Hey just noticed there’s no other comments here so I wanted to tell you you aren’t alone! I completely understand your reasoning and sh is most definitely an addictive form of serotonin rush, since I’m also diagnosed with a panic disorder I can understand way more than you’d think!

  • Btasha21


    There’s all of the usuals like rubber bands and suckers and drawing on yourself but there’s also other ways, I’ve found the most help through people I completely trust, when I’m having a panic attack I’ll send a quick text asking for help or if I can manage I’ll go to them myself, they hold me through the panic attack and tell me how everything’s gonna be ok.

  • XanderiaJune


    Rubber band snapping or holding an ice cube in a fist.

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