Does anyone else get flu like symptoms before they ovulate? I’m used to feeling like crap before my cycle (PMS) but i’ve started to feel sick before ovulation too. I’m not sure if ovulation is triggering my fibro or if this is a common thing.

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  • FoxontheRun


    I used to get this too, I think my medication knocked it out but I would get body shakes and head aches

    • 1lovemyheatingp8d


      that’s exactly how i feel. I thought i had the flu, but tested negative and i noticed that i’ve been feeling like this before ovulation for the past 3 cycles. i tried googling it but it only talks about “period flu” that happens during the same time as PMS. i don’t know if i should mention it to my doctor or if it’s all in my head.

      • FoxontheRun


        doesn't hurt to bring it up to your doctor.

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