i recently was diagnosed with bipolar depression, but am not sure if i truly know what does that mean/how to live with the diagnosis.
do you have any advice for me?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Jossy


    Be patient with the process. It takes time. The visits, medecation, therapy. With new circumstances such as being diagnosed takes adjustment and that is okay to be scared. Your doctors will be a great help!

  • momoshow


    the diagnosis just means that life is more difficult for you than it is for the average person, and that’s weird to navigate lol. but absolutely continue working with your doctor and don’t give up if you have to keep trying different treatment options!!

  • Rainstorm


    It’s really intimidating to receive a diagnosis. What I can say is, it’s just a part of what you deal with, not something you define yourself as.

  • Alinaa


    I’m new here too lol! I’ve been trying to document my emotions as often as possible.

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