How do I manage jealousy and delusions relating to my boyfriend/FP?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • tomandhuckfinn


    I wish I knew. I’m commenting to be notified of what others say in response to this question.

  • Sunny9


    I just tell myself that I don't have a reason to be jealous and that it's irrational to want to act out because of jealousy

  • Alien_Alex2234


    It’s big complicated for me under this one. In relationships I’m the worst bc I literally am so unpredictable. It’s harsh because I personally require a lot of communication so I lightly tell my S/o at the time I’ll tell them at some point in the beginning that I have this disorder and if they know it that’s great if they don’t I try my best to explain it and politely ask if they can be a little more communicative with me and just be patient with me and that I am trying my best to manage my conditions to my best ability. In the moment I have to remind myself a lot when I get stuck in that negative thought space that I don’t have a reason to feel that way. They haven’t given me any indication that they even want to leave me or that they haven’t given any indications of being with anyone else or trying to avoid me in any way. That 9/10 times they are busy , working , sleeping or doing their own thing and that’s okay.

  • Jaznix


    My best advice is therapy! Even if therapy isn't your thing. On your first visit tell you therapist you have a hard time telling what is delusion and what is reality. Even if the situations already passed having the discussion allows the therapist to tell you where it might be coming from whether that's reality, a fear, or something else. I hate therapy but it helps me feel grounded in reality

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