I have occipital neuralgia and I had occipital nerve decompression surgery a year and a half ago. Has anyone else had this surgery? How long did it take you to recover and do you do/take anything else to help? I just had botox done because I heard it can help.

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  • Kell


    I have occipital neuralgia. But haven’t had surgery on it. I still suffer from them. I have tried Botox but for me it didn’t help.

  • Kelly_Bean


    The surgery definitely helped with the pain level. I hope you feel better soon!

  • TTNY


    What we’re your symptoms? What caused your neuralgia? I’m just trying to compare to someone that actually was diagnosed because I believe I have it as well and have been trying to figure out why I’m getting right sided head pain all the time. I just had disc surgery on my neck hoping it would fix the nerve pain above my eye and right temple but it literally lingers all day sometimes. My neologist said it was migraines and just tried putting me on different types of meds. I’m going back next month to see him and see if there’s any tests to see if I do have neuralgia. How were you diagnosed? Are you on any types of meds? Amitriptyline wokred for me 10mg but honestly I’m so sensitive to meds and hate taking them. I also tried gabapentin which didn’t work and Botox that worked but very temporary. Any advice would be helpful!

    • mallory916


      I have mine on the right side mostly. I am completely healthy mostly. I had whiplash in my 20's... right side scar tissue. I also have developing bone spurs in my cervical vertebrae, maybe from poor posture. I'm only 38, so idk, must be from compensation from whiplash scar tissue ue?

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