Hello fellow Alikes, I have post traumatic stress disorder from a difficult childhood and in 2017 a mild traumatic brain injury from an auto accident that I hit the back my head. I have worked very hard to limit the symptoms and be as healthy as possible but it is a daily struggle. I have panic attacks and experience times that I would prefer to be alone instead of interact with others. Yet, I know it’s best to connect. Is this something you experience too?


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • ZappyRacc


    One of the best "tricks" your brain can play on itself with PTSD, as well as depression and anxiety disorders, is those thoughts that you'd be better off alone, or your friends don't actually want you around them. You then end up isolating yourself, at which point you have no sources for support. It's in every way better to have friends who understand you've got PTSD and are patient with you. Being alone ultimately just makes it worse.

  • JXARabbit


    Thank you, it’s so good to hear that and I’ll make plans to hang out with my friends over the weekend ;)

  • AuntBeeDoesGames


    I use doxipin I take 25 mg in morning 25 mg at early evening then 50mg at night....it has for me illuminated the panic attacks. If some come I use grounding techniques like finding how many of one color is around me or use the 5 senses grounding technique. I used to carry a care kit which had a soft piece of cloth sprayed with my favorite smell and I rub the soft cloth on my face and smell it and it calms me down also had a picture of a calming place or a place I want to go that brings me comfort...I listen to music that gets my emotion out and then listen to what I want my body to feel...and had sugar free candy or gum to focus on what's in my mouth while I reassess my surroundings that are triggering me. And realize that I am safe that this situation doesn't justify the reaction I am reacting with and bring myself to the now. Don't like these grounding techniques or they don't work for you Google coping skills or grounding techniques and find one that works for you there are so much out there to choose from. I hope this helps

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