I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about a year ago.
Has anyone tried alternative treatments such as Autoimmune paleo diet or other Autoimmune/low histamine diets to manage their Hashimotos? And has anyone had success with Natural Dessicated Thyroid (Armour or OTC supplements)? Have you done anything else other than synthetic thyroid hormones to manage it?


Levothyroxine Sodium

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  • Dreams09


    My mom was also diagnosed with Hashimoto about 5 years ago. She received an RAI treatment about 2 years ago and her doctor prescribed levothyroxine (25mcg) afterwards. She had been doing a lot better for these past two years. All the symptoms that made her want to stay in bed all day are gone and she feels very happy and healthy. You can look into that, it's a good option but there are a lot other more that are really good! Ask your doctor and other professionals for advice!

    • dollipop


      Yeah I'm trying to avoid synthetic thyroid hormones like levothyroxine because there is some evidence that it can cause Autoimmune flare ups and cause the thyroid to become nonfunctional over time so that you then become dependent on synthetic T4. Currently my thyroid still functions just at a subpar rate due to the Autoimmune flare ups that have gone untreated for 4 to 5 years. I would like to keep my thyroid functioning as well as possible with little drug intervention. My mom, grandmother, and great grandmother are all on levothryoxin and do fine with it but they also do not have a functional thyroid at all due to late diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

      • Buggirlx


        I have heard of no evidence that taking thyroid hormone is harmful to the thyroid in fact I heard the other way around that not taking it could eventually lead to more and more damage and the eventual death of the thyroid. Upon which it would have to be removed and then you would have to take the hormone for the rest of your life. But the most important suggestion I have is to cut out all gluten immediately.

  • lib285



  • Julieann23


    Years ago I went to a homeopathic dr he put me on kelp vitamins and a few others I felt like a million bucks ! But my anxiety took over and I worried I was wasn’t getting enough to keep me healthy so I went back on levotyroxine , I’m not happy with my decision. But I’m working thru it

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