someone please tell me what I can do to fight dhr (cps as some of u may know them by)... tell me how someone can have no record, pass every RANDOM drug test (urine and hair), pass home visits, etc yet it is been almost a year since they stayed with me. and now they are trying to give my youngest daughter (11) who has special needs to a. perm foster family. I will not live 1 day with that happening that's for damn certain. so this is a matter of life and death, please recommend someone. even my attorney is a screwball and a liar. my 4 girls are my world and they are dying to come home. 1 is even being bullied over gender confusion... all bc my ex husband is a cop so he had pull. but there's no proof. please help.

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  • skooshy


    I am so sorry this is happening to you. First off you really need to get a different attorney. One that is going to be on your side. I would say your kids also need their own attorney or maybe a guardian ad litem. What was the reason DHR gave to take your kids from you? I may not be able to help much but I am a good listener if you need an ear.

  • Heaven197987


    Find new lawyer

  • mAnDi_mYnX


    What state are you located? I only ever heard then calld DHR in Alabama, CPS every where else. Do you have prior drug charges or abuse or anything? Are you in treatment?

  • Robinfinch


    in Illinois it's DCFS, in Iowa it's DHS, in Texas it's DFPS, in New York it's OCFS, I could go on with this.

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